Guitar Hero II Monsters of Rock PS2 ISO [Ntsc] [MG-MF]

Descargar Guitar Hero II Monsters of Rock PS2

Descarga el juego de Guitar Hero 2 Monsters of Rock para la consola PlayStation 2 en formato ISO 1 link por MediaFire y MEGA.



Esta no es una versión oficial, es un mod de Guitar Hero 2 en el cual se sustituyen las canciones originales.


Lista de Canciones

1- Set
¨Fortunate Son – Creedence Clearwater Revival¨
¨People Are Stranger – The Doors¨
¨The Boys Are Back In Town – Thin Lizzy¨
¨Here Comes The Sun – The Beatles¨
¨Time Is On My Side – Rolling Stones¨

2 – Set
¨All The Small Things – Blink 182¨
¨Grind House Planet Terror – Robert Rodriguez¨
¨Im A Believer – Smash Mouth¨
¨Girlfriend – Avril Lavine¨
¨Basket Case – Green Day¨

3 – Set
¨Alive – Pearl Jam¨
¨Hole Hearted – Extreme¨
¨Outshined – Soundgarden¨
¨One Last Breath – Creed¨
¨Under The Bridge – Red Hot Chili Peppers¨

4 – Set
¨Born To Be My Baby – Bon Jovi ¨
¨Dream On – Aerosmith¨
¨Everybody Wants To Rule The World – Tears For Fears¨
¨How You Remind Me – Nickelback¨
¨Cocaine – Eric Clapton¨

5 – Set
¨Detroit Rock City – Kiss¨
¨Behind Blue Eyes – Limp Bizkit¨
¨Faint – Linkin Park¨
¨Live And Let Die – Guns N Roses¨
¨The Unforgiven – Metallica¨

6 – Set
¨Santeria – Sublime¨
¨Hell Raiser – Motorhead¨
¨Thunderstruck – ACDC¨
¨Whiskey In The Jar – Metallica¨
¨Bohemian Rhapsody – Queen¨

7 – Set
¨I Am The Highway – Audioslave¨
¨Not Going Away – Ozzy Osbourne¨
¨Walk This Way – Aerosmith¨
¨Little Wing – Jimmy Hendrix¨
¨Pretty Fly (For A White Guy) – The Offspring¨

8 – Set
¨The Dueling Banjos – Deliverance¨
¨November Rain – Guns N Roses¨
¨Dance, Dance – Fall Out Boys¨
¨Smell Like Teen Spirit – Nirvana¨
¨Give It Away – Red Hot Chili Peppers¨

Temas Bonus

¨Money For Nothing – Dire Straits¨
¨Cemetery Gates – Pantera¨
¨It’s My Life – Bon Jovi¨
¨Hotel California – The Eagles¨
¨Game Of Love – Santana y Michelle Branch¨
¨I Stand Alone – Godsmack¨
¨Highway To Hell – ACDC¨
¨The Unforgiven 2 – Metallica¨
¨The Bealtiful People – Marilin Manson¨
¨Train Of Consequences – Megadeth¨
¨American Idiot – Green Day¨
¨Savin Me – Nickelback¨
¨I Want Out – Helloween¨
¨Crazy Train – Ozzy Osbourne¨
¨Beat It ! – Michael Jackson¨
¨Painkiller – Judas Priest¨
¨Creeping Death – Metallica¨
¨Eagle Fly Free – Helloween¨
¨Afraid To Shoot Strangers – Iron Maiden¨
¨The House Of The Rising Sun – The Animals¨
¨Far Away – Nickelback¨
¨Otherside – Red Hot Chili Peppers¨
¨Yellow Led Better – Pearl Jam¨
¨Mr. Crowley Ozzy Osbourne¨



Guitar Hero II Monsters of Rock para PS2 Ficha Técnica

Región NTSC

Formato: ISO
Región: NTSC-U | SLUS-21447
Idioma: (Portugués)
Plataforma: PlayStation 2
Peso: 922 MB
Servidor: MEGA
Servidor: MediaFire


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